I was driven to write “ONENESS”. My cellular belief that Life, my Life, had meaning and purpose helped me eventually overcome my battle against Pseudo-Ego and I was left with the conviction that what I had learned was of true value to other humans.

Hence “ONENESS”. Quite simply, I had to first journey the lesson of all the irrefutable attributes of True Empty Space before I made the connection between “solid particles of matter” and those attributes. When every word proved conclusive the entire fantasized edifice of my cosmic play seamlessly metamorphosed to become ONE with the Field of Life, Existence, Consciousness and a Bliss that was transcendently beyond human love.

“ONENESS” practically wrote itself. It can offend no one. It is an easy read but hides its depthlessness with ongoing surprises. The more often you read it, the more “ONENESS” gives. “ONENESS” is but one form of innumerable forms of the Self-same journey every human is destined to eventually accomplish.

In “ONENESS” I wrote what I consider to be one of the Six Immutables of Life: Inerasably and irreversibly every human is born non-dual, independent, Self-aware and with free Will and free Choice. I came to finally live this truth. Through all the pain and tumult of shattered old beliefs and loves, of socially acquired false impositions and subjugations I finally lived to triumphantly experience the inerasable and irreversible Truth of being non-dual, independent and Self-aware while exercising for the first time in over sixty years indefatigable Free Will and Free Choice.

I am a Malaysian Eurasian and told that I am an extract of at least sixteen races. I have lived in six countries. On hearing the briefest outline of my Life many have invariably remarked, “You must write a book”. Writing is an extricable part of my destiny but it took the writing of “ONENESS” in my seventies to unplug me. Now I am ready to relate my story as a Physical being.

“ONENESS” brought me full circle, granting me a vision of my human existence which leaves me amazed and clear-eyed. My second book will take time but when it is done it will signal the ultimate shedding of my carapace marking my becoming endless, formless Space. I will become all those things we humans dream of and yearn for – Eternity, Infinity and Immortality. How marvellous to know with absolute certitude that this state is guaranteed! Nowadays my cosmic play is a daily laugh. To experience that I am indissolubly ONE with All That Is in every present moment enriches me beyond all enrichment. “ONENESS” is the gift of one human life fully lived whose benefits are given unstintingly to any reader who cares to turn its pages.